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<SLE Rule>

With effect from January 1, 2008 the R&A (JGA) rules with regards to SLE (Spring Like Effect) Clubs have changed.
As a result of the rule change, clubs that are marked Conforming to R&A SLE Rule until December 31, 2007 no longer conforming from 2008.
Please check your clubs. Please confirm with tournament organizers if you have any doubt about use of your clubs.

<Warning with regard to use of CFRP material>

CFRP material which is used in the crown and back of the clubface should be treated with care. Please read the following to understand better what to do:
Clubs concerned:TR 500・M3 HIT・M3 HIT 505・ZOOM 220i・ZOOM 320 CX

  • Do not be store in temperatures lower than 5℃ and higher than 40℃ nor in humidity greater than 80%.
  • Do not store in the trunk of your car.
  • Avoid contact with the CFRP material in the crown and back of the clubface by sharp objects as damage will be caused.
  • Do not try to change the shape of the club head. Damage can be caused by excessive tightness in a vice or excessive heating with a gas burner.
  • Please keep the head cover on the head at all times when not in use.
  • Do not soak or wash the club head in hot water. Use a wet cloth to clean the club head if required.
  • Some blemishes may appear on the paintwork of the club head through use, but this will have no effect on the performance of the club.

* Please read the manual for more details. For any maintenance please bring the club to the shop where it was purchased.

<Warning with regard to use of T3 RED>

Some problems arise in the neck of the club when re-shafted. Please consult PRGR if you want to re-shaft your club.

<Warning with regard to use of the WOOD>

Please note that the following can lead to the shaft breaking.

  • Hitting the ground heavily before the ball, or hitting the ball strongly with the heel of the club
  • Hitting your shoulder due to a strong follow through
  • Using the club as a cane
  • Extreme bending and twisting of the shaft.
  • Damage to the shaft.

* Please read the manual for more details.

<Warning with regard to use of the IRON>

Please note that the following may cause damage to the club head.

  • Non-removal of sand, mud, agricultural chemicals which adhere to the clubface will lead to rust.
  • Rust will also appear if not stored in dry location.
  • Damage will be caused if the club head hits the sharp edges of small stones. Please read the manual for more details.

The details in this pamphlet are valid as of February 2008.
February 2008 Edition.

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