PRGR developed the new "RS" series equipped with the "Double Crown design," which makes the GiriGiri high-initial-velocity performance possible. The "Double Crown design" refers to the design in which the flange angle is set at the border between the crown and the face, and the crown is curved to form a double crown because of the flange angle. The Double Crown design enlarges the curved surface of the face and significantly enhances the coefficient of resilience. The design is used for the driver, fairway woods, and utility, defined the series to achieve a high-initial-velocity performance and an enlarged high-initial-velocity area (25% larger than the average of designs of other companies).

PRGR developed the exclusive head parts series "PRGR TUNE" for picky golfers. The first installments of this driver head series are the "TUNE 01 DRIVER," which can hit without being worried about the draw, and the "TUNE 02 DRIVER," which can easily catch a ball. It is possible to adjust the head weight and make minute adjustments to the loft angle, the lie angle, and the face angle by adjusting the way the shaft is inserted so as to assemble the club to be best aligned to the particular golfer's playing style and technique.


PRGR launched the "egg IRON PC" that pursued flight distance and ease. This further advanced product developed the high-initial-velocity performance to the GiriGiri upper limit of the SLE rules and ease, including features such as "high-initial-velocity face", "power groove", and "low center-of-gravity, strong loft". The appearance has also been renewed from black to silver. At the same time, the "egg IRON PF," which pursued flight distance and ease of posture, was also launched. The irons are made of forged soft iron that combines the "flight distance" according to the GiriGiri high-initial-velocity performance, with the "ease of posture" according to the narrow sole width and sharp head shape.


PRGR developed the innovative new "Q" series club that help golfers take a shot from a bad lie that they encounter while playing to enjoy golf more and achieve a better score. As a twist that makes a recovery shot easier, it adopted a newly developed "all-round sole shape" as the head design, which reduces the contact area with the ground. Further, with its deep face and optimized center-of-gravity design, it is easy to not only hit and lift the ball even in a difficult situation but also spin the ball to aggressively try to hit the green in regulation. It is an all-round gear that can help to improve the score of amateur golfers.

PRGR fully remodeled the "RS" series into a version that more intensively pursues flight distance and ease. All the clubs adopted the design concept called the "Double Crown design." To achieve greater flight distance, the GiriGiri high-initial-velocity area of the driver was further enlarged compared with the conventional ones, and consist of two models --the "RS", which drives the ball with draw and the "RS F", which drives the ball with fade--were developed. The fairway woods, utilities, and two iron models are designed for greater distance and ease with the enhanced resilience performance at the lower portion of the face, which is the main striking area of amateur golfers.


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